Andy Crawford | Reborn in PHP

About This Website

This website is hand coded in PHP from the bottom up (or is that the top down ...?)

After years of installing Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as WordPress, (along with customising themes, widgets and plugins), which run on massive file structures along with hugely complex MySQL databases, I decided to go back-to-basics and create a simple modern website, fit for the 21st century, which is easy to save, store, backup, and manage and to create content with, and also be accessible and useable across all devices (PCs/laptops, phones, tablets etc.).

My history of website development and coding

In 1998 I began to dabble with website building using the very basic online website builders of the day. However when starting out in business in 2001, I built our first proper commercial websites using the html code writer Dreamweaver3, (which was pretty much state-of-the-art for web design at the time). As things progressed, I looked at various Content Management Systems such as Drupal and ended up with WordPress as the go-to CMS. I installed a variety of user friendly platforms for a number of organisations and clients. For our own business I ended up using Elxis to run our holiday accommodation reservation system using IOSReservations. At this point I would also like to thank Stavros at WebGift for his additional help with coding.

And Now ...

Now that I am retired I kind of miss coding and development. Which is strange really because when I was working I would work long hours creating content and systems or resolving issues which had to be resolved. It was sometimes very frustrating and sometimes I hated it. So this is my ongoing project to keep me amused.