Where Green Party Candidates are Standing 2017

People often ask: Why is there no Green Party candidate standing in my area for the Cambridgeshire County Council Elections? It’s not that we don’t want someone to stand, in fact it would be great if we had a Green Party candidate standing in every single Cambridgeshire County Council division. But we simply do not have enough Green Party members in the local areas to do this.

If you live in the following divisions, we should have you covered.

Wisbech West – Jane Feaviour-Clarke
March North & Waldersey – Andrew Crawford
March North & Waldersey –  Ruth Johnson
March South & Rural –  Liz Wright
Whittlesey North – Alex Oates
Whittlesey South – Karen Alexander

If you live in these areas there is no candidate standing.

Roman Bank & Peckover
Wisbech East

For a map of the divisions

How we can change this

We need more Green Party members whose presence will help election candidates stand in the vacant areas and Green Party members who are willing to stand as election candidates themselves.

If there is no candidate in you area

Please make a start by joining the Green Party. Even if you do not stand for election yourself, becoming a member will greatly assist others who want to stand but need some local support in order to do so. This in turn will help to give everyone in Fenland the opportunity to vote Green Party at the next election.