Upon recommendation of a friend, I decided to try out the cycle route which runs alongside the Guided Bus that runs from St Ives to Cambridge. The route is 12 miles and apart from a few road crossings, it is entirely off-road.


The first thing which struck me was how narrow it was as I am used to road riding. Parts of the cycle route are barely more than two metres wide. However the surface is clean and very smooth and largely free of obstacles. Due to the length of the route, there were few pedestrians, except close to the bus stops. However care is needed when passing others and in busy areas so cycling speed needs to be at little more than walking pace.


There are a few junctions along the route where the route crosses roads. Each junction has barriers to slow down cyclists. Presumably this is to stop cyclists going straight through the junction at speed. It did make me wonder, if cyclists need these, why don’t drivers need them too?


The route is superb for leisure riding as there is no motorised traffic. In fact, on the long stretches it almost became quite boring not having to watch what is coming up behind you and trying to overtake. It is also useful if you live along the route and need to cycle into Cambridge City.