It’s Not All About Me!

It’s not all about me, it’s all about us, and about how we as a society create a better world for future generations while we are here on this planet.

To many, the word ‘Green’ conjures up some kind of environmentalist, tree-hugging, save-the-whale protester with their head in the clouds over equally serious issues such as employment, transport and the economy. While Green politics may have it’s roots in environmentalism, it has broadened over the decades to cover most areas of how we live. From caring for a sustainable economy, to caring for a sustainable way of life, in a fair and equitable society.

We live in a world where striving for the accumulation of personal wealth is considered by many as the highest priority in life. But in doing so we often overlook the importance issues such as climate change, social justice, welfare, pensions, the NHS, education and care for the elderly. Besides, too many people get left behind in the race for success. Green politics is about the well-being of all people and creating a fairer richer society, in a fair and democratic manner.

I have become totally disillusioned with the politics from the two main parties, which has stemmed from the same old tired arguments being put forward to us for decades. We repeatedly hear the same old sound-bites over and over but little do we hear about how the real issues will be tackled. They seem to spend all of their time arguing over how best we can have, more of the same.

But some of us do not actually want more of the same!

That’s why I intend to Vote Green at the next General Election.