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Why Clacton WNBR 2014 Must be a Success

Published June 2014 | By Andy Crawford

The Reasons Why We Must Make The Clacton 2014 World Naked Bike Ride A Success

Brighton WNBR 2014

World Naked Bike Rides (WNBRs) take place throughout the summer months across the planet. These protest rides are organised locally, and normally with the co-operation of both local police and local councils.

The aims of the WNBR are to:

Protest against oil dependency and the destructive elements of 'car culture'

Highlight the vulnerability and dangers posed to cyclists on our roads

To promote body freedom and to demand cleaner air and safer streets

In the UK, we have the right to protest. While we do not have the specific 'right' to be naked in public, being naked in public itself is not an offence. For these reasons the police normally help facilitate these rides to ensure the safety and security of participants as well as other road users.

But Tendring District Council Have Other Ideas

After the 2013 Clacton WNBR along with a charity 'skinny-dip' organised to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care, Tendring District Council decided that enough was enough and there were to be no more naked events at Clacton.

The reasons they give are spurious, referring to 'the children' and 'the elderly', and that naked bike rides do not portray the image they want to reflect for a family-friendly sea-side town. They also refer to complaints from local residents and an 'incident' which occurred last year.

Anyone can have their views, but this does not remove our right to protest and neither does it make nudity against the law.

We need to show Tendring District Council that we will not be deterred by their bullying antics, prompted by a few prudish residents who do not want to; support green issues, allow protests, or to have their town exposed to nudity.

Please be there, to support, to ride or just to protest against Tendring District Council and their anti-protest and anti-nudity stance.

Date: 19th July 2014
Time: Assemble 1pm, Ride departs 2pm
Location: Toby Carvery, Marine Parade West. CO15.

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