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St Georges Complex Review | Bulgaria

Published June 2018 | By Andy Crawford

St Georges Complex Review | St Georges Shkorpilovtsi Varna Bulgaria

St Georges Complex

St Georges Complex is a brand new (or rather unfinished) apartment complex set in the villa area of Shkorpilovtsi, which lies between the village of Shkorpilovtsi and the beach. The complex is 1km from the beach and at the top of a hill on an unmade road. It is about 50km (or about a 40 minute drive) from Varna.

Website: No website but available through various booking websites.

Location wise, this was perfect. It was quiet and had fantastic views over the forest and towards the sea. But ideally a car is needed as there are no facilities in the immediate surrounding area.

There were five completed apartments which are superb. They are large, spacious, well fitted, but the balconies only get sunshine in the mornings and clothes must be worn at the pool area. There are eight (or so) further apartments which have been built but are a work in progress (a building site).

The pool and surrounding area around has potential but there are a few issues.

[1] While we were the only guests there at the time, after being seen swimming naked in the pool we were told that we had to wear clothes in the pool and pool area, despite it being an empty complex.

[2] There were birds nesting which leave a mess.

[3] There were unguarded steep drops (two metres or so) onto stone in the restaurant/bar area and unguarded open staircases on the unfinished part of the complex, so for safety, it is not a place you would want to take children.

[4] There is no disabled access.

[5] Although we had booked an apartment with a kitchenette, we were told that there were no pots and pans because we were not allowed to cook in the apartment. After some negotiation with the owner, he did decide that he would make an exception to this rule for us.

We paid 50 Euro per night which I thought was good value. The complex is hardly overlooked and would make a great naturist facility. The pool is superb, but they really do need to sort out the safety of the site and the bird poo issues.