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Overtaken So Closely I Could Touch The Car

Published June 2014 | By Andy Crawford

A very close pass. So close it was very scary


Cyclists on Britain's roads are regularly exposed to cars passing too close. So close that it puts them in very real danger, especially if the overtake is fast and close. Many drivers on Britain's roads seem to be completely oblivious to the problem, thinking that so long as you don't actually hit the cyclist then all is OK. It's not. It's not OK and it shows exceptionally poor driving skills. Cyclists should not have to put up with this irresponsible behaviour from a minority of motorists.

The distance between the cyclist above and the brown Vauxhall Astra was estimated to be less than 12 inches. Way too close. This was at around 12:40 on 10 June 2014 in Station Road, March. Please leave space when overtaking cyclists. If the cyclist needs to avoid a pot hole or ironworks or just simply wobbles a bit they will need room to manoeuvre. Please wait until it is safe to overtake.