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Naked Jungle with Keith Chegwin

Published January 2008 | By Andy Crawford

The first ever naked game show

In celebration of World Naturist Day 2000, Channel5 and Yorkshire TV produced the UK's first ever naked game show, Naked Jungle. Keith Chegwin hosted the show with 10 contestants competing for a cash prize. Andy Crawford was proud to be one of them.

This article was originally posted with screenshot images taken from the original broadcast by The Daily Mail

The show was produced in complete innocence and was intended to be a lighthearted approach to nudity but the following day the press derided Keith and the contestants with headlines such as "Plumbing the depths of depravity". I think they missed the whole point!

Keith "Cheggers" Chegwin was originally asked to host the show clothed but opted to join in the spirit of things. He chose to present the show naked - top man! How embarrassing though it was for Andy though, he was knocked out in the first round, he'll never live it down. Over 2 million viewers tuned in and watched him lose.

All of us had a great time during the making of Naked Jungle. The temperature in there was over 30 degrees. We all pitied the poor film crew that felt they had to remain clothed, poor souls! And the wardrobe lady never did understand why we didn't want her dressing robes when not actually filming...

The feature below appeared in Health and Efficiency Magazine May 2000. Reproduced with kind permission.

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The feature above appeared in Health and Efficiency Magazine May 2000. Reproduced with kind permission.