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Cap d'Agde Review | France

Published June 2024 | By Andy Crawford

Cap d'Agde Review | Naturist Village | South of France

Cap d'Agde Port

The Cap d'Agde Naturist Village is one of the largest naturist resorts on earth. Located near Agde on the Mediterranean coast of France, it is also famous for being popular with swingers and libertines. This may put some people off going there, but should it?

Getting There

We took the train to London, the Eurostar to Paris, the TGV high speed rail to Agde, and then a bus to the naturist village of Cap d'Agde. The area is also served by B├ęziers Cap d'Agde Airport [BZR] which is a 17km/20 minute taxi ride away.

On Arrival

The Naturist Village is a gated community. To gain access, a gate key needs to be purchased from the community reception area.

The Village

The Naturist Village consists of several separate areas consisting of privately owned apartments and villas surrounding a harbour. We stayed at Port Venus, a quiet area away from the busy centre which has a good sized swimming pool. Other areas are Heliopolis, which is a large five storey circular apartment complex with bars and shops below. Port Ambonne is similar but smaller. There are several other places to stay as well as a massive camp site which is entirely separate but still part of the naturist village. The accommodation is quite small but our studio apartment had a patio and was recently refurbished. There were at least two fairly well stocked supermarkets. A green grocer's selling fruit and veg, beach shops with souvenirs, flip-flops, towels wraps etc. Fashion shops selling clothes and glamour wear along with plenty of bars and restaurants and several night clubs.

The Beach

The naturist village is fronted by the beach. To the west is a natural boundary created by the port. The naturist beach runs for about 1km and is clearly signposted at the end. There are facilities on the beach close to the village. Head East from the village and the beach fronts the campsite. This is regarded as the family area. Head further East and past the lifeguard station is it known as the 'swingers' area.

The Naturism

The great thing about the Cap d'Agde Naturist Village is that once inside, nudity is accepted everywhere. The indoor markets, shops, and bars etc all welcome naturists. The only exception appeared to be the disco/night clubs where dress codes exist. The beach is was virtually 100% naturist (whether people were walking, sitting or lying down, or in the water) and the age band of people tended to be lower than other more traditional naturist resorts with the age of people generally well below retirement age. Most people were in couples, male and female, and there were a few gay couples, but not very many, most people were French speakers. Around the village itself, most people tended to wear at least something, a wrap or a dress or shirt and maybe shorts but nudity is not frowned upon in any way. A few people wore 'alternative' or 'erotic' attire and no-one 'bats an eye'.

The Sexual Element

There is no denying that there is a sexual element to Cap d'Agde which is very unusual for naturist places, but it should not put anyone off going there. The advertising for the night clubs make it clear who they cater to. There are shops selling fetish wear and adult toys but so does a shop in our local City Centre in the UK. As for the beach, you will probably only see something 'inappropriate' if you go looking for it and in the village itself there are signs prohibiting any public sexual behaviour. I don't know what happens in the night clubs as we are in bed before they open.